Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Oh My Gosh - I'm in Quickutz heaven !

We had our second QT (Quickutz Club) Meeting on Sunday. I even tried to get a sneak peek before Sunday - but it was a NO GO!! You would think this is a TOP SECRET Mission. LOL

Jen (moderator) handed out a really fun tag to make. It was really cute! I don't know about you, but I was very anxious about the new release. So we blah, blah, blah some more and then finally the moment I was waiting for!

Christina walked in carrying a black box! I watched her take out a handful of plastic Quickutz packages. She slowly turned the first item and it was a . . . to be continued (just kidding) LOL

Halloween Dies!!!!

They are absolutely gorgeous!! All of sudden ideas were streaming through my head. I'll need this one and this one and ...

Can you tell that Halloween is a favorite holiday?

Okay so I thought WOW how great. But wait - she went back to her black box and picked up some more packages. Yes more new dies this time they were Thanksgiving Dies! Naked Ones Too! LOL

But That's Not All!!

Here she goes again into that little black box! At this point I am overwhelmed and can't believe there is more coming.

You guessed it! New Christmas Dies!!! WoooHoooo!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes it was Christmas in September!!!

Now the best news - I picked several and I mean several of these new dies. I handed over that little bit of plastic. I was really almost afraid to look at the total. In my mind I had each of the new dies justified. These were going to be an early Christmas present to me. OK I slowly peak at the total and I was so pleasantly surprised. I forgot, I'm a Quickutz Club QT and we get a 30% discount!! I walked out with my new dies and a big ol' smile on my face.

Thanks Jen and Christina - can't wait till next month's meeting.

grace :)

PS This month's free die was the elf Stocking. Christina showed us that it even has a little crown on it.