Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Card Case Holder Tutorial

Here are the materials needed:
2 sheets of card stock (you can also use designer paper, however it should be sturdy and double sided)
cutting and scoring tools

Step 1
Cut both sheets of card stock to 8 ¼ x 7 ½ inches

Step 2
Score on the 8 ¼ side of both sheets at the ½ inch mark and turn to the other side of the sheet.

Step 3
Score at the 1 ¾ inch mark and 2 inch mark (both sheets).

Step 4
Score on the 7 ½ side of both sheets at ¾ inch mark and 1 inch mark; turn and do the same on the other side.

Step 5
You will have a sheet that looks like this.

Step 6
Cut the squares on all 4 sides of both sheets.

Step 7
Fold all scored lines inward (careful around the 1/4 inch score lines).

Step 8
Place adhesive on 1 of the ½ inch center folds and adhere the other sheet on top of it.

Step 9
Now you have one piece. Place adhesive on the outer folds and adhere to the folded in sides. This will now take shape of a card case. Do this to both sides.

Step 10
Add cards and envelopes inside for gifts. If you are decorating the outer box, remember to decorate prior to step 9.

There are lots of options with this case. You can add ribbons, magnets, buttons to close the case. Also the size can be adjusted for most any envelope size you are working with. This tutorial is for an A2 card/envelope.

Enjoy and if you need a template feel free to email blog@windycityscrapbooking.com and we'll get one out to you.