Thursday, December 27, 2007

Oh What Fun...

Happy Holidays to everyone! I hope things are starting to slow down for you all. We had a wonderful Christmas and I have to say it is so much fun to see Christmas through a 3 year old's eyes! What a wonderful world we live in! Oh what fun we have had the past few weeks.

I have been creating and creating and creating since I took the Canvas Class at Windy City. I can't stop! I am on a roll and I hope to keep in going in January! We have made so many presents for the holiday season we seem to be whipping them out pretty fast. My husband has been helping me to get all my projects done and whoa-he really is good!!!(I think he has a better eye for precision than I do-- but don't tell him I said that! :)) Here is a picture of one of the calendars we did! I had so much fun with the 8x8 size I am going to do 2 more before New Year's Day!(You heard it here-I am going to do 2 more by New Year's Day!) The stickers and calendar are from Boxer and it makes things so easy. Plus the size is great to give as a gift! You don't have to have to many pictures and I feel like for the smaller size the creativity flows quicker!

I am really going to be working hard in January to get my self organized in my scrap space! Watch for all the fun things happening at Windy City in January to help you get organized as well! We just got a ton of new merchandise in from Cropper Hopper to help you get organized. Do you have a picture of your scrap/craft space? If so post it and if we draw your name you could win some blog candy! Make sure you put your name on your post so we can contact you! Show me your space and how you have it organized! (I will post next week a picture of mine and you can see why it takes me forever to get anything done!)

On the storefront Windy City Scrapbooking will be closed on New Year's Day! And boy do we have big plans for 2008!

Have a Happy New Year and be safe!