Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What size bag do you want?

I just got home from the store and let me tell you how big this sale is going to be! I really hope you are coming because the classroom is going to be so packed with stuff I am not sure how we are going to be able to walk in there! (okay you are going to be able to walk but it is going to be tight! :) All I did tonight was pull more stuff from the store to put in the sale and Christina left baskets(I am talking lots of baskets) for me to put in for the sale! It is going to be a sale that is going to be stuffed with lots of goodies!

I think at this point we will be putting new stuff out on Sunday as well! We have SO MUCH stuff for the sale! If you want to see the bags it is our large handle bags for $60, the large flat bag for $40 and the medium flat bag for $20! This is a huge bargain-even the small bag you can fit well over a $100 worth of product in there. If you need paper to stock up on then buy a large bag!

I have to say this sale is going to simplify the way I shop this month! I get to choose a bag and fill it up and I will have lots to play with!(See Al I am working on my word for you!)

Talk to you all on thursday!