Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tuesday Tips ~How to make your own paper embellishment~

Welcome to Tuesday Tips -

I have a ton of tips to share with our blogger friends of Windy City Scrapbooking. So get ready to start using up your scrapbook stash in different ways you may or may not have thought about. Let me know if there are any suggestions or topics you would like me to cover on our Tuesday Tip entries, just post a comment to the entry and I will do my best to answer or cover your topic.

Okay, let's start with our first Tuesday Tip on "How To Make Your OWN paper embellishment"

I am going to start off with a simple paper flower embellishment. Here is what I have done.

1. First I picked out some pattern paper that would make a good embellishment. Here I am using LUXE Classic Black Fresh Cut Grass. There are some great pattern papers out there that make great embellishments...just another way to look at the papers. The possibilities are endless. My suggestion is to look for bold or large patterns. It makes it easier to cut. But remember there are no rules saying you can not use the small print patterns. Just a suggestion.

2. The next step is to cut out the elements of the pattern paper. It is easier to use a sharp fine tip scissors. My favorite is Tonic brand (the spring loaded pair, helps with all the cutting I do with my pattern paper. If you haven't tried them out come by and try them out...you will want one for your own. LOVE THEM.)

3. The next step is to embellish the cut out. Here I have used Stickels by Ranger. Love the ease of the Stickels...one stop shop.. no messy glues or loose glitter everywhere. Let the stickels dry and you have a great embellishment. It takes anywhere from 10-30 minutes for the stickel to dry, depending on how thick you layer up the Stickels. (You could also use more than one color of Stickles on the cut out.) I always leave my embellishment out to dry overnight to make sure it dries completely. (and most of the time I am having to run around with the kids and can not get back to it until the next day to finish a project. But I digress.)

Some other ways to make it your own... using Glossy Accents by Ranger, adding Hot Fix gems to the project, even adding ribbon, eyelets, brads or you could even adhere the two flowers with a pop dot to give it more dimension. Okay, the possibilities are endless!

So here is my finished embellishment. I would love to see what you come up with for your OWN paper embellishment. Just post a link to our comment section. Let me know what you think. Can not wait to share more of my tips with you. Until next time! Create and have fun!