Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday Tips –“Rub-Ons”

Hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day, what a beautiful day.

The last couple of weeks I have heard many people not happy with their Rub-on experience. I want to help you with your rub-on happiness and hope you love rub-ons as much as I do. So Tuesday Tip for today will be to apply your rub-ons with a regular ball point pen instead of the popsicle stick.

First, cut out the word, shape, letter or image of the rub-on that you want to use. Again, here I am using my favorite Tonic scissors. Make sure you are cutting out the rub-on sheet and the protective sheet behind the rub-on. This protects the rub-on from sticking.

Position your rub-on to your item and remove the protective sheet from the back.

Start transferring your rub-on by using your ball point pen. I use a regular pen pressure like I am writing a letter to a friend. I am not pushing hard on the rub-on. I like using the ball point pen because it allows me to see exactly where I have gone over the rub-on.

I still like to double check that the transfer of the rub-on was successful.

Woo hooo! Now we have a completed transfer of the rub-on to add to your project.

So I know we all have mishaps with our rub-ons. There are solutions to the stray rub-ons that get on our project. Some ways to fix this is the rub-on erasers made by EK success, regular tack tape on the unwanted rub on and peel off, or hid the mistake with an embellishment.

Hope this helps bring you back to rub-ons. I will say that not all rub-ons are created equally. There are some vendors that I will not use directly on my project. I will use them on an item then add to my project. Most of the others I will add directly to my layout.

Make sure you read the manufactures directions on how to apply their rub-on. Some suggest taking the protective sheet and rubbing again to insure contact to your project, others do not.

Continue to rub it the right way and start using those rub-ons again!

Until next time! Create and have fun.