Thursday, August 14, 2008

The boxes keep rolling in...

There is so much NEW stuff I am not sure where it is all going to go!

We just put out tonight, the two new color additions to the Simply Luxe line-Orange and Brown.
Plus with the new Luxe line we have ALL of the new Color Me papers-dogs, baby, food and many more for you to chose from! And of course now I can't remember the name of the other new line we just put out for Luxe, so I guess you are just going to have to come and see for yourself!

The entire new line of Reminisce School is here! From preschool to Senior year! Double sided papers, flat stickers and 3-D stickers as well! Trust me--you are going to think this is the cutest school line you have seen in a long time!

And of course one of my own personal favorites--Scenic Route! We have the Sonoma line open stock and the Surprise line we have in packs! This is really cute for Adult birthdays! And of course there are other little goodies to go with it too!

And for you animal lovers--we have some new doggie papers! So take some more pictures of your four legged friends and come in to see the new things in this section!

Have you been traveling this summer? We have lots of new papers and embellishments in as well! Here are a few of the countries I know we just got in-India, Africa, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Spain, just to name a few!

See! I was not kidding you! And I know we will be getting more as the month goes on! So keep checking the blog and website to what is new!

Thanks for looking and I hope to see you over the weekend!