Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Back in Chicago -- WAY over budget

So, I wanted to be able to post on the blog each day from CHA, but it didn't quite happen that way. We had a free but SLOW internet connection in our hotel room, so posting and downloading photos was a challenge. Now I will try & inundate you with lots of great stuff we ordered for Windy City! Of course, I tried to stick to my husband-created budget, but I went "a bit" over that {you know how that goes with SB supplies} so the store will SOON be stocked again with TONS of great stuff like patterned transparent sheets, new Basicgrey, new birthday items, new specialty papers, new QuicKutz, etc. However, I am SOOOOOO tired today since the pane was delayed and I didn't get home until after midnight and was still too pumped up to sleep! So, I have not organized myself enough to create a list for you of all that is coming, but I can post a few more photos. These are photos from the beginning of the trip. Susan has the rest on her camera, and I never had the chance to download them onto my computer so she PROMISES to download them to the blog soon. until she does, I will post what I can, and I will also try and find a funny or slightly embarrassing photo of Susan to post on the site until she starts posting photos for you! (We had a REALLY good time out there as you will see!) Hope you enjoy & thanks for reading our blog! -- Christina