Thursday, February 14, 2008

Do you know who this is?

I am sure most you do! But low and behold I had no idea! Now before you start giving me a hard time let me tell you how the story begins...Christina and me we at a private party for Creative Imaginations on Saturday evening and we were hanging out with our friends Danelle Johnson, Melodee Langworthy and Alison Wong having dinner. The next thing I know a few more ladies join us at the table but I am really not paying attention because we were looking through the catalog trying to order NEW things for the store. Well the next thing you know Danelle comes up and asks me if Ali left? I thought she was talking about Alison Wong from Creative Cafe--oh no it was not that simple. Ali comes back with her plate and Danelle says I thought you said Ali left and I said I don't know where she went and then Danelle said "I mean this Ali-do you know who she is Susan?" Like a fool I said no-well for goodness sakes it was ALI EDWARS! The WHOLE table is laughing, Danelle is laughing so hard and I was as red as a tomato! Ali Edwards loved it--she said it was so nice to sit down and just relax. There is more to this story but I think you had to be there. But as I am trying to back pedal and say yeah I know who she is (I mean I have read a book or two! :), but I never really looked at her face. Basically I made the biggest fool out of myself and I just keep laughing (as did Christina!!!). Ali was so nice and she really did not care at all, it was VERY refreshing to hear that from her. So of course I had to call Alraynita and tell her my story and she told me I was fired from Windy City Scrapbooking...again in my defense I may not be up on all that but I was trying to order more goodies for the store! I think Al will forgive me when I show her a few more pictures.

Hopefully someday when I meet Ali again she will just laugh if she remembers me-I know she had to be the sweetest person I meet all show!

To make matters worse who is the first person I see the next morning at Basicgrey-yep, you guessed it! Ali Edwards! So of course the joker I am said"Hey who are you again?" and thankfully she just laughed and gave me a hug. I think my face was still red from the day before! So that was the first time I made a fool of myself but of course it was not the last time! I don't know what it was about this show that my head was not on straight. As I post more pictures remember my job while I am there is to help order product(I feel like I am being defensive :) but sometimes to have a good time you just have to Simplify(meaning not worrying what other people are thinking) and go with it!

Here are a few more pictures from that evening at Creative Imaginations! The new Creative Cafe stuff is awesome! I really hope you all come in to a Happy Hour and check them out! They are pretty simple to do and you have a project already done! We do have kits available to buy if you can't stick around for the actual Happy Hour but they are so much fun you
will want to!

Have a great day! Happy Birthday to me(the 15th) and later today I will share more photos and more stories!