Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Quickutz! We all want it now!

Hello everyone!

I hope this cold weather does not have you down in the dumps! If so come on in to Windy City Scrapbooking and get the new releases from Quickutz!! Did you know if you pre order your platform now you can get the heart die to go with it for FREE! No, that is not a typo-just preorder your platform and you will also get the border heart die for free! I am so excited about the new platform to come for the revolution to come I can hardly wait for Mid March to get here! I guess the new dies that were just released will just have to do! I know I am getting the baseball and the magetic wand for sure...and I think I am going to get Rockstar as well just because I love the name!

Speaking of Rockstars… I have another story to tell you about from CHA! Let's see how much we can embarrass Susan this trip (that would be me talking about myself in third person :) Our rep from Quickutz, Spencer, took Christina and me out to dinner last Monday night with some other stores from around the country as well. We of course were having a good time and did not cause too much trouble (I know define trouble to me and then I will tell the truth.) Well Christina told the guys it was my birthday and they decided to sing to me. The men of Quickutz serenaded me with the Happy Birthday song and I don't think I stop blushing for two hours afterwards.( I felt like I was in college again being serenaded from my husband's fraternity and that was a long time ago!) This had to be the best birthday present in a long time(in fact, my husband said "Does that mean I don't have to get you a present now? wink, wink?) .Thanks Christina for opening your big mouth!! LOL! And if you haven't heard I have a slight crush on a certain someone at Quickutz! And let me tell you-all your dreams can come true at Disneyland!!!! :) I thought I would share a few pictures from the evening and tell you to stay posted because the rockstar men of Quickutz will be visiting Windy City Scrapbooking this summer and I have a few tricks up my sleeves before then!

TTFN!Susan(Don’t laugh too much at how silly I look!)