Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday Tip *You Crack me UP*

Tuesday Tip is all about crackle paint. I have three different methods to produce the crackle you so desire.

To make it easy we will be painting on numbered chipboard. (okay this was so I could keep up with the pictures to show.)

Ranger Crackle Paint

The first method is using Ranger Crackle paint. This is the easiest of them all. The paint comes with the paint brush in the container. This makes it easy, quick and no mess to clean up later.

Paint on the crackle paint with a dabbing motion. The thicker the paint the more cracks you will get.

Check out how thick the paint is on there. Let it dry and you will see the cracking happen before your eyes. It will take about 30 minutes to dry.

Here is the chipboard after 30 minutes of drying.

Crackle Medium
The next method is using crackle medium. For the next two methods I prepped the chipboard with a layer of acrylic paint. Let the paint dry before moving on to the next step.

Next I applied the crackle medium to my chipboard. I used a foam brush for all these samples. Now you have to let the crackle medium dry for 15-20 minutes. (but do not let this dry completely or you will not see any results.)

Then I applied my acrylic paint on top of the crackle medium. Do not over brush the paint the more brush strokes you use the less cracks you will get. I used a different color of acrylic paint so you would be able to see the cracking in the pictures.

Here is the chipboard after 30 minutes of drying time.

Elmer's Glue-All Method
The final method I read from Claudine Hellmuth's blog. (She is a mixed media artist. She uses pictures and puts them on a canvas in a whimsical way. Check her out. One of my favorite mixed media artist.)

So like I said before I prepped the chipboard with a coat of acrylic paint and let it dry.

Next I applied the glue to the chipboard. Just pour it on.

Then I spread the glue around the chipboard and let it dry for about 3 minutes.

Then I added the second layer of acrylic paint. Again do not over brush the acrylic. The more you brush the acrylic paint on the chipboard the less cracking will occur.

Here is the final chipboard dried after 30 minutes.

Okay... so here are all the final results all together. Different looks, you choose what method you like.

Hope I cracked you up with these methods. Enjoy. Until next time. Create and have fun.