Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday Tips *Alternatives for scallop borders using punches*

Sorry for missing last week. We had a visit from the stomach flu; everyone in my family got the lovely bug. So in my absence last week I have a doubled up on this tip on how to make scalloped edges.

Scalloped edges are everywhere. The craze is all about die cut borders and I have some alternate ways to create your own. This first tip was given to me by our very own Melissa.

First you will need a circle punch. Mine is a 1 inch punch. We have some great punches by EK Success that have different diameters. We all could use a couple of circle punches in our stash.

Next is to punch out several circles. I like to punch upside down so I am able to see exactly where I am punching; it helps me get the most out of my paper while punching.

Then run a strip of adhesive on the paper you want to border and start lining up the circles along the side of the paper.
There you have a scallop border.

Next idea is using your corner rounder to make scallops. There are three different sizes of this EK Success corner punches. The different sizes will work just the same.

First you will have to take off the paper guide off the punch.

Next line up your paper in the punch and continue all the way down the edge.

Make sure you are lining up the scallop shapes along the edge of the paper. This does take a little bit of practice to make sure everything is lined up so be patient.

Then you have your finished border.

Now add it to your project, just another cute border.

Some other ways to get a scallop border is using your 12 inch platform with your Revolution by Quickutz using the scallop die. This is defiantly an easy way to get the job done quickly.

See you next week. Have fun and be creative.