Monday, September 8, 2008

Tuesday Tip (take two)

Okay.. Sorry I lost the rest of my post last week. So here we go. Take two!

Texture Hammer.

This is a great technique for a small embellishment. You will need aluminum tape (you can find this at your home improvement store), chipboard, chipboard letter or die cut, and texture hammer.

First step is to add your die cut or chipboard letter to the chipboard.
Then add a strip of aluminum tape to the chipboard pieces.
Press around the chipboard letter and smooth out all the tape.

Take texture hammer and pound around the letter. Try not to pound on the letter itself you will loose the height of the embossed letter.

This is my finished result. Notice the smashed part of the top part of the letter.

If you wanted to take it to the next level you could add color using alcohol inks.

I just drop the ink right on top of the embellishment and let it dry. This is what mine looked like.

Final idea.... If you don't have any alcohol inks we still have a storage solution for you stickle fans out there. The Tim Holtz alcohol ink holder. It holds stickles perfectly. Enjoy!

I will be back tomorrow for our regular scheduled Tuesday tip.